Tarco Training Center

Tarco Training Center started in May 2015 to enhance the competency levels of Tarco staff as well as other staff working or intending to work in the aviation field.

The center offers a variety of training events and courses designed for trainees fresh to the field of aviation as well as to airlines’ professionals.

Tarco  Training Center is committed to providing classroom based professional short courses for professionals to equip them with necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to move to the next level of their profession.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leader in aviation training and customized solutions for enhanced organizational performance.

Our Mission

Putting all our knowledge, skills and experience together, to provide our customers with high quality, firsthand and valued training services.

Our Values

Honesty, dedication, team-work, integrity, respect, accountability and commitment to success are our values that will drive our activities and the overall business.

Our philosophy & Objectives

Tarco Air Training Center introduces its self as your partner to a brighter and successful tomorrow.

Tarco Air training Center’s key objectives are:

  1. To satisfy the training needs of the company and the employees.
  2. To provide the local market with specialized aviation training.
  3. To generate income to the company.
  4. To ensure effective, structured and professional approach to the training.
  5. To develop, approve and renew the programmes and plans used in students’ training according to international standards and to the documents of Sudan Civil Aviation Authorities.
  6. To train and improve instructors skills.
  7. To carry out objective and unprejudiced assessment of students’ test results following the standards of professional ethics.
  8. To receive and take into consideration any feedback from students, instructors and internal audit of training process in the activities of Tarco Air Training Center.

Our Management /staff

Tarco Training Center management has a good caliber and a very sounding training management experience and involvement both locally and regionally; with demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the Systematic Approach to Training including the measuring of ROI in training.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are highly qualified and highly competent with an extensive knowledge and wide experience in delivering training programs/courses

Our programs/courses

The center is specialized in delivering a number of technical and non-technical aviation programs that are available in other aviation training centers/academies in Sudan, such as airline economics, airline marketing, route analysis and evaluation, airline emergency planning and response management, customer excellence service for front-line staff in different areas, passenger and baggage handling, aviation English, general English, train the trainer (TOT), training needs assessment (TNA), office management and administration, and more. In addition to all the above, the center also conducts courses in areas of management, finance, HR and administration

Our Facilities

The training center currently consists of three class rooms as follows:

  1. Class (1) composed of 20 seats, organized in a traditional classroom shape yet it is customizable and can be reorganized in U-shape as well.
  2. Class 2 (U-shaped for more interaction) composed of 20 seats.
  3. Class (3) composed of 20 – 30 seats organized in U-shape.

Other supporting  facilities

  1. Library
  2. ADSL wireless
  3. Cold & Hot water cooler.
  4. A Buffet & Cafeteria that serves snacks, hot and cold drinks

Our Trainers

Our trainers are highly qualified and highly competent with an extensive knowledge and wide experience in delivering training programs/courses

Training aids

The training aids that is currently available in the center are:

  1. White boards.
  2. Multi-media projectors.
  3. Audio training device.
  4. Laptops
  5. Good lightening facilities.
  6. Air condition unit in each class.

Other services

The Center also hires classrooms, and the rate are as follows:

  1. A one hour classroom charge is 100 SDG (without a multimedia projector).
  2. A one hour classroom charge is 150 SDG (with a multimedia projector).
  3. A classroom charge for 2 hours and above (each hour is 85 SDG without a multimedia projector and Audio training device).
  4. A classroom charges for 2 hours and above (each hour is 125 SDG (with a multimedia projector + Audio training device)



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